Niv is a photographer and filmmaker originally from Israel, where he spent his early years growing up in a small desert town, by the dead sea.

He was raised in a multi cultural home, with an Eastern European father and a Middle Eastern mother. Both inspired him to explore cultures, places, languages and people as a way of life.

He discovered early on that photography was the perfect way to explore the world and different cultures. Since picking up a camera that first time, he has never stopped documenting his world.

"Photography is the perfect artistic expression for me. I`ve found that it`s the in-between moments when my subjects relax that I am able to capture the most authentic moments. That`s what I love."

Travelling was in his blood, and his first stop was Italy.

He spent two years touring Europe, shooting and absorbing the cultures. His time spent in these places has had a huge impact on his work.

"I am following my vision to create images that are inspired from life, real people, candid moments, landscapes and memories."

He works mostly on location and always shoots with a narrative in mind. He takes great satisfaction in creating a fresh experience with each of his subjects.