Born in Milan, Italy, Sacha Waldman spent his childhood in South Africa. After graduating from university, he left African soil to live in London for four years to test the waters in graphic design and film. A desire to stay close to the creative process naturally led him to photography, and in 1995 Waldman moved to New York City and eventually became an American citizen.

Sacha is best known for a signature style that combines elegance with meticulously controlled texture and palette, and he possesses a rare ability to convert raw ideas into compelling, exquisitely crafted imagery.

His photos have been published in numerous magazines including Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, Vibe, Black Book, GQ, Wired, and Entertainment Weekly. His advertising and entertainment clients include Electronic Arts, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Interscope, Adidas, Nike, Pony, Sun Microsystems and Kohler.

Sacha has also been the recipient of awards and recognition in Communication Arts, The PDN Photo Annual and American Photography.